Why you choose us

Mrika Sevensummits

Why You Choose Us

Choosing a professional outdoor/mountain activities company, whose aim is to make your adventure safe and completely successful, is an important decision.

We think the MSS should be selected for the following reasons:

SSAFETY: Our philosophy is focused on a safe and enjoyable mountain experience. Our primary goal is security and risk management. Client safety is paramount in every decision we make about outdoor activities, so we take all precautions to ensure a safe environment in which we can climb, organizing the itinerary in detail, engaging professional guides, utilizing multiple communication devices and high-altitude security equipment.

TThe best guides: The completion of a successful and impressive mountain activity is mainly dictated by the composition of the guide team. MSS engages only the best guides operating under the highest standards, experienced professionals with excellent personalities, respected in the industry, and whom we trust.

SSuccess: Some adventures require significant amounts of time, money, and energy, so one of our primary goals is to see our clients succeed in completing their activities and reaching their goals.
Aiming for our reputation to be based on a safe and successful approach, we take pride in seeing our clients feel safe and enjoy their activities.