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About Us

Mrika Seven Summits is a company based in Peja, founded by father and daughter, Arianit Nikçi (lawyer and mountaineer from Peja) and Mrika Nikçi ( mountaineer, karate and ski competitor), who after acquiring considerable experience in the local mountains, the region and in the Alps, decided to jointly implement the MRIKA SEVEN SUMMIST project, the goal of which was to make Mrika the youngest female in the world to meet this challenge at the age of 17.

This project was completed in 15 months, climbing the six peaks –  Vinson, Aconcagua, Everest, Denali, Elbrus and Carstesz Pyramide,  in 8 months ! In addition to Mrika accomplishing her goal, Mrika and Arianiti became the first Albanians to conquer the Seven Summits, and at the world level became the father and daughter duo who have climbed the Seven Summits in the shortest time.

The experience gained during our expeditions together with leading world-class guides and climbers has strengthened our confidence to establish a company through which we can provide professional services to clients who want to enjoy the beauties of Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, and countries of the Balkans.

The strategy of the company is to experience and introduce wild areas, natural beauties rich in bush forests, rocky landscapes, mountains, canyons, rivers and caves, through hiking, cycling, wildlife, 4×4, snow tours, and other adventures.

We are also committed to presenting the best of the Balkan countries’ culture, nature, customs and cuisine, in collaboration with locals.

Our goal is to introduce responsible and sustainable tourism, always respecting clients, local communities, and nature.

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